How To Find A Pet Friendly Rug

The biggest threat to any carpet or rug are pets. No matter how well trained your pet is, there are bound to be accidents. With this in mind, buying a rug that is pet friendly is a smart move. This will save you money as you will not need to get the rug cleaned often, and the room the rug is in will look great. Rooms that have rugs with multiple stains on them will make the room less elegant and unattractive. If you are wondering which rugs to look for that will be pet friendly, here is a small list of rugs.

  • Indoor-Outdoor Rugs:  These style of rugs have been gaining popularity in recent years. As outdoor rugs are becoming more stylish, that they can serve as indoor rugs. They can still pick up the outdoor dirt your pet may drag in. As well, they are soft on your feet and cleaning them is easy.
  • Small Patterns: Not only are small patterns good for stylistic value, they also have a functional value. With small patterns and dark colors, stains are easily hidden. While big patterns and bright colors will expose the stain more and even make it look larger than it really is.
  • Low Pile: These types of rugs are great for pets, especially cats. Cats have a tendency to dig their claws into object, which is why we recommend a scratching pole.  Plush rugs get damaged when dogs and cats get their nails or claws stuck while they dig or scratch. Low pile rugs sustain less damage because they don’t have loops and other material where the nails can get caught.
  • Sea Grass: Sea grass rugs are great for pets as well as being stylish enough to be used as a living room rug. They are a low cost option that is still stylish and pet friendly. Pet friendly in the sense that they are water resistant. Great for those accidents or spills!

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Most Common Rug Stains

hand cleaning stain on rugStains, they are a nuisance among home owners and people in general. We all want our living areas to be spic and span at all times, but the reality is that it probably won’t be that way. Accidents will happen, which is why provide our rug cleaning services to anyone in need of them.  When it comes to accidents, our carpets and rugs are the ones who pay for those accidents. The worst part is that you may not see these stains in time to get rid of them yourself. When that happens, make sure you call a professional to clean your rug.

It is imperative to know whether or not your rug may have a stain or not, because some stains do blend with the color of the rug. Here is a list of common stains that every homeowner should be aware of.

  • Water – Based – The stain that a person will come in contact with. These stains are made from beverages such as soda, beer, liquor, juices and milk. In addition, water-based stains can be caused by ink, paint and mud.
  • Oil – Based – These types of stains are caused by spills involving cooking oils, glues and adhesives, crayon, polishes, makeup, tars, waxes, butter and gravy. These stains tend to be more difficult to remove. With this in mind, be sure to contact a professional.
  • Pet Stains – These types of stains are another common blemish that we come across in our industry. Humans are not the only ones who have accidents, there are plenty of stories where a pet dog or cat has had an accident. These usually happen on a rug 9 our of 10 times, and they are a hassle to remove. In addition to those accidents, pets that spend a lot of time on rugs tend to leave their odor. Which is why our services for cleaning include pet stain removal, as well as pet odor removal!

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Tips on Choosing Rugs for the Summer

Blue and Grey RugThe weather is warm and the sun is out, this can only mean that summer is here! Time to change over your winter clothes for summer clothes, rearrange the garage for summer belonging access, etc. One way to really accent the summer season is your home is to pick out a summer rug. Certain aspects of different rugs help capture the summer feel we all love. Here are some tips when picking out a rug that will be for the summer season.

Color – When it comes to summer, everyone thinks of light colors. This goes the same with rugs, as lighter colors complement a summer house really well and bring a welcoming feeling to the room. Colors such as green, yellow, red, light blue and different shades of orange really bring a summer pop to a home. For a more feminine feel, purple, pink and lilac  are a good way to go. What is currently trending in summer rugs this year are blue aquatic colors, nautical colors and beach colors and patterns.

Rag Rugs – To make a room really feel like you are on the beach is to have a rug that accentuates the summer feel. One way to do this is by having a rag rug. When people see rag rugs they thing of beach houses, sand blankets, and the sand. They are cost efficient and light in weight so they can be moved around with ease. In addition, they are easier to clean and are good for picking up anything you may bring in from outside.

Cleanable – People are a lot more active during the summer and are outside. After a long day outside, there is possibilities of bringing in dirty shoes. In addition, if you have pets they can dirty up a rug as well. Make sure to get a rug that is easy to clean so that the rug looks clean as much as possible during the summer.

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Indicators of Oriental Rug Quality

red oriental rugA question that comes up when picking out a rug for your home is whether or not, the rug of interest, is of good quality or not. Luckily, we here Sudbury Rug and Home have ample amounts of knowledge to make sure you make the proper purchase. We have wall to wall rugs in our store as well as making custom fabrications to your liking.  Here are some indicators you can look out for to make sure that you are going to be getting a good quality oriental or area rug.

Weaving Technique

In the oriental rug world, the technique in which the rug was woven is huge when comparing rugs to each other. There are three types of techniques; hand-woven, hand-tuft, and machine-made rugs.

  • Machine-Made: These types of rugs are nice to have, they function well and look nice. However, they can never be compared to hand-woven rugs in terms of being works of art and have special qualities about them.  You can tell if a rug is made by a machine if the fringe is sewn into the rug.
  • Hand-Tufted: These rugs sometimes get mistaken by hand-made, and even though a person is used in the process there is machinery involved. A person uses a mechanized gun that shoots the wool through a backing with a pattern sketched onto it. Instead of the knots being tied, hand- tufted rugs, use a petroleum based backing to make sure the ends to not fall apart.  Hand-woven rugs never have this backing.
  • Hand-Woven: These types of rugs are made with entirely by hand, which gives them a special attribute to them. They are regarded as the highest quality rugs. They are created with vertical string, warp strings, that are attached to a loom. Then wool is woven through the warp strings or knotted onto the strings.  To spot the difference from a hand-woven and machine made rug is to look at the fringes at the edge of the rug. As stated before, machine-made is sewn into the rug. For hand-woven rugs, the “fringe” is actually the warp strings knotted together and are an extension of the rug.

Weaving Quality

There are some slight indicators you can see for yourself to tell whether a rug is woven be a novice artist or an expert with more experience.

  • Symmetry in size: Even though some symmetry variations are to be expected in rugs there are still some signs you can notice to tell if an amateur created a rug or not. Is one side of the rug longer than the other? This can be the work of a novice weaver as large size variations is a good sign that a rug was made by an amateur weaver.
  • Symmetry in image: If your rug’s pattern looks different on the back of the rug, compared to the front, then it was woven by someone new to the industry.  A good weaver’s image will be same on both sides with little to no differences between the front and back.
  • Symmetry in knots : A good woven rug should have smooth knots with few bulges, bumps or puckers. In addition, a good woven rug should lie flat with out rolling or curling at the edges.

Quality of Materials

To make sure you are getting a good quality rug, you should take in account of the materials used to create such rug. A weaver who uses quality wool will create a beautiful and high quality rug. To recognize good wool, it should have a certain luster or sheen to it, but not shine. Bad quality wool can be combined with petroleum materials to great a sheen which can be deceitful. However, these bad wool become brittle and often take on a bad smell to them. Good wool will not have this smell and have a natural sheen to them.

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Tips On Choosing The Right Oriental Rug

dark oriental rugOriental rugs are a great investment to give a room that icing on the cake feeling. These rugs are elegant, classy, antiques and are a great way to accent a family room. It is a pretty exciting process to pick out the perfect oriental rug, but you have to be prepared and know the right tips and tricks to make sure it is a perfect match. Here are some tips and guides to use as you choose the right rug for your home.

  • Play The Field – When choosing a rug, make sure you measure the room of the room you are thinking of placing the rug. Bring these measurements with you as you are looking for a rug to make sure the size is right. Before choosing make sure to subtract two to three feet, from your measurement, on each side to determine the rug size. As rugs are usually priced by square footage, it is good to know the proper dimensions so you know the price range you need to be looking at as you visit different stores. Soon you will begin to find the ones that stand out the most to you.
  • Love The Rug – Do not just go out and buy the first rug you see. You need to fall in love with an oriental rug before you buy it. This will be the centerpiece of the room you are thinking of and bring character to the house overall. Make sure you are 100% happy with the design and durability of the rug. When you buy it you want to know it has decorative value to your home.
  • Test the Density – Knot density of an oriental rug is a good indicator of the quality of rug you are looking at. To test the durability of a rug you just push your fingers down to the base of the rug. If the knots feel tightly packed then that tells you the rug is extremely durable.
  • Trial Run – Buying an oriental rug is an investments and dealers know this. Which is why most dealers will let you take the rug home for a day or two to test it out and see if it is the right fit for your home. This is lets you see if you like the rug in the daylight, and what it adds to a room, as well as at night. This is a great way to make a final decision if the oriental rug is “the one”.   

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How Often Should I Clean My Oriental Rug?

oriental rugEvery five years your oriental and area rugs should be thoroughly washed. This will restore the richness of colors, bring back the original luster and prevent premature wearing. Our cleaning plant is the best in New England. They treat each and every rug like it is their own and the results clearly show that. We have been cleaning and repairing oriental rugs for over 30 years and believe that the proper care of your rugs greatly improves the performance and life expectancy of your rugs.

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The Importance of a Rug Cleaning

The Importance of Rug Cleaning

Leading textile experts advise having your rugs deep cleaned every 5 years at a professional rug cleaning facility. The wrong cleaning


can do serious damage to your Oriental rug. Rug cleaning is an important routine that rug owners should not overlook. Dirt can hide in the deepest fibers of the rug’s material and is an important factor for the shelf life of the rug.Purchasing a new rug can be extremely expensive, taking care of your area rug or Oriental rug can save you both time and money. It is important is that these cleaning efforts are being done with regularity. Here are other benefits of keeping your rug clean.


Pest Control

Rugs can act as filters trapping dirt, dust and other allergens in its fibers. Bugs and other pests can be attracted to these conditions because of the temperatures and conducive conditions. Pests can eat away at the fibers of the rug and possibly lay eggs within the fibers. Having your rug cleaned can prevent eggs from hatching within your rug, getting rid of any pests that lay dormant in your rug.

Longer Life

Maintaining proper upkeep to your rug can prolong the life span of the rug. Dirt and sand particles contribute to the wear and tear of the fibers through constant use and accumulation of dirt. Cleaning the rug periodically can help maintain the form of the rug while rejuvenating the fibers of the rug making it look new again.

Our cleaning plant is a soap and water wash, no chemicals on standard cleanings. We implement a multi-step process that gets rid of deep-seated dirt that grinds out fibers, as well as bringing back the colors and original luster of your carpet. The proper cleaning process also extends the life of your rug.

We also inspect your carpet for rips, tears, holes and stains overcasting and fringe damage. We have an excellent in-house repair service to take care of any and all issues your rug may have.

Lastly, having a proper pad under your rug is also very important and it adds cushion and helps your rug to stay in place.

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